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State of the art technology, broad offering and specialised staff.

In support of more than thirty years’ experience in steel and metal processing, Zavametal boasts a complete and cutting-edge machine park, able to meet any type of request while maintaining extremely high quality standards.

To support this machine park, specialized employees and trained in a specific way to always be by your side and solve any technical and design difficulty.

Every production process does not start without careful planning of every step: this always guarantees compliance with agreed delivery times and, in particular, all the checks needed during each single production phase and the conformity of the component to what has been designed.

Three coordinated plants and an entire structured machine park
to offer a service from A to Z.

  • No. 1 laser system with 3,000W power / 3,000 × 1,500 work area

  • No. 1 laser system with 4,000W power / 3,000 × 1,500 work area

  • N. 1 CNC machining centre with a working range of 1,000 × 500

  • No. 1 CNC machining centre with 1700 × 800 working area

  • No. 1 horizontal 60-ton CNC press-press.

  • No. 1 CNC profile saws

  • No. 1 lathe for plate deformation with CNC / diameter max 1,200mm thickness. iron 4 mm

  • No. 1 lathe for plate deformation with CNC / diameter max 2,000mm thickness. iron 6 mm

  • No. 1 laser system with 5,000W power / 4,000 × 2,000 work area

  • No. 1 lathe for plate deformation with CNC / diameter max 800mm thickness. iron 3 mm

  • No. 1 CNC press / 2000 – 30 ton.

  • No. 1 CNC press / 2000 – 70 ton.

  • No. 1 CNC press / 3000 – 150 ton.

  • No. 1 manual calendar of 1,000 maximum thickness 20/10 iron

  • No. 1 manual calendar of 1,000 maximum thickness 30/10 iron

  • No. 1 CNC calendar from 2,000 maximum thickness 60/10 iron

  • No. 6 welding benches related by no. 6 TIG welding machines and no. 6 MIG welding machines.

  • No. 1 auto welding beam. length 2,500.

  • No. 2 pointers.

  • No. 1 hanging puncher.

Job specifications

CAD_CAM design.

What’s this _ In engineering, the expression CAD / CAM refers to the joint and integrated use of computer aided design software systems (Computer-Aided Design, CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (Computer-Aided Manufacturing, CAM). The use of integrated CAD / CAM systems makes it easier to transfer information from the first to the second phase of the process. These phases are very important for completion of a project, and are two most important developments, especially in the field of automation. In fact, in the production sector, these technologies are used to manage robots, control processes, perform simulations, etc.

Specifications _ Design executed with Autocad 2D, Solidworks 3D and Primos 3D. Rendered with Blender.


What’s this _ Turning is an industrial production process used for removing chips. Turning is defined by the rotary motion of the workpiece and the mostly straight motion of the tool (in milling and drilling, the tool has a rotary motion). The cutting edge of the tool penetrates the material of the piece and detaches the excess part (oversize), thus forming a chip. The machine tool used for turning is the lathe.

Specifications _ ZAVA has 3 lathes for deforming CNC sheets, specifically:

  • no. 1 maximum diameter 800 mm thickness Iron 3 mm
  • no. 1 maximum diameter 1200 mm thickness Iron 4 mm
  • no. 1 maximum diameter 2000 mm thickness Iron 6 mm


What is this _ Milling is a material removal process which enables you to obtain a broad range of surfaces (planes, grooves, shoulders, holes, etc.) using a cutting tool with defined geometry. The most important features of the milling process are the high precision and the good surface finish of the finished product; a good milling machine can produce parts with tolerances lower than one micron and a mirror surface.

Specifications _ ZAVA has 2 CNC machining centres, specifically:

  • no. 1 with a working range of 1,000 × 500
  • no. 1 with a work range of 1,700 × 800

Folding Press

What is this _ bending is a mechanical work process used to shape a particular object by applying force to it. Together with shearing and moulding, bending is one of the processes applied to sheet metal to obtain flat semi-finished products.

Specifications _ ZAVA has 4 different CNC presses that can resolve different needs and preferences over product execution. Specifically:

  • no. 1 from 2000 – 30 tons
  • no. 1 from 2000 – 70 ton.
  • no. 1 from 3000 – 150 ton.
  • no. 1 horizontal 60-ton CNC press-press.

Taglio Laser

What’s this _ Laser cutting is a highly effective procedure: a precise technology, able to direct the beam of light onto the material and, by computerized control, to focus on cutting in an appropriate manner.

Thus you can obtain a cut profile in a highly accurate fashion and of excellent quality: this technology is applied to different materials such as sheets, sheets, pipes and structural materials.

Specifications _ ZAVA has no. 3 laser cutting systems, specifically:

  • no. 1 with 3,000 W power with 3,000 × 1,500 working range
  • no. 1 with 4000W power with 3,000 × 1,500 working range
  • no. 1 with 5000W power with 4,000 × 2,000 working range


What’s this _ Calendering is an industrial production process for deforming plastic to produce (calendering rubber and plastic) or to transform (sheet metal calendering) sheets of material or metal profiles.

Specifications _ ZAVA has 3 different types of calendars, specifically:

  • No. 1 manual calendar of 1000 maximum thickness 20/10 iron
  • No. 1 manual calendar of 1000 maximum thickness 30/10 iron
  • No. 1 CNC calendar from 2000 maximum thickness 60/10 iron


What’s this _ Operation to join together homogeneous or heterogeneous pieces, establishing the continuity of the materials under the action of heat without adding other metals ( s. autogenous ) or with the possible use of filler metals ( s. electric arc or flush ).

Specifications _ ZAVA has 6 related welding benches d:

  • no. 6 TIG welding machines
  • no. 6 MIG welding machines
  • 1 automatic welding beam length 2,500


What’s this _ the metal finishing operations involve the whole series of operations in which the surface irregularities of the machined pieces are eliminated, reducing their roughness. Moreover, these carefully executed operations give the products particular aesthetic, visual and tactile characteristics.

Specifications _ ZAVA has a metal finishing department, including:

  • polishing: an operation that gives the treated metals a mirrored appearance of absolute uniformity, protecting them and increasing their resistance to the general corrosion caused by atmospheric agents and wear.
  • glazing: finishing treatment with which the stainless steel is opaque or semi-glossy for an aesthetic factor.
  • sandblasting: best method for preparing surfaces before painting or applying a protective layer against corrosion.

Among the surface finishes offered by ZAVA, instead:

  • burnishing: surface colouring of a metal using various methods and aimed at providing protection against oxidation as well as improving appearance.
  • liquid painting: exploits the chemical and physical properties of the paint to give life to numerous visual and tactile effects, giving particular finishes to the treated pieces and, at the same time, protecting their surface with an anticorrosive layer, resistant to chemical agents. The liquid painting has no limits of colours and colours and therefore lends itself to the most varied applications.
  • powder coating (available soon): coating process of metal surfaces with an organic film, carried out for decorative purposes and / or for protection against corrosion and aggressive agents.

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