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Respect, conservation and care for the environment.

ZAVA is a company that if firmly rooted in the manufacturing traditions of its territory, and viscerally linked to the values ​​of respect, conservation and care of the unique environment in which the company has developed, the province of Treviso.

That’s why, with the passion and stubbornness which distinguish great projects, in 2010 ZAVA completed a state-of-the-art facility to create their products with maximal respect for the environment and work quality; a workshop built according to the most innovative eco-sustainability, savings and energy self-sufficiency criteria.

ZAVA has adopted these values fully in a concrete, sensitive way, investing in the pre-arrangement of photovoltaic panels and the self-production and recycling of thermal energy.

The whole production chain of ZAVA is influenced by important ethical and environmental choices: metal processing processes do not include the use of toxic or acidic substances. For these reasons, moreover, ZAVA has always paid great attention to the sustainability of its products and environmental protection, even in the smallest details; the packaging of the items, in fact, are made of 100% recyclable materials, 98% of which are completely biodegradable: paper, cardboard and straw.

“A company strongly rooted in its own territory is viscerally linked to values ​​of respect, conservation and care of that unique environment in which the company has developed – the province of Treviso.