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Innovative principles and ideas borrowed from different operational fields to always find the best possible solution.

The complexity of the structured machine park in years of experience combined with the ability of skilled workers mean Zava can provide design, assistance and support in different areas of work. From complex and dimensionally important challenges like those of the shipbuilding sector to smaller but equally demanding projects, Zava guarantees the same punctuality and executive precision, in meeting the schedules agreed with the client.

The planning and executive experimentation faced over the years in different areas of work has meant the company and its team have developed  keen problem-solving skills, putting in place processes for the constructive exchange of ideas and the innovative use of principles and ideas absorbed by the various operational fields. Employing a process that can be defined creative, the company manages to find and provide solutions and answers that are always innovative and never trivial for any difficulties during the production process.

Lighting sector

The experience gained in the lighting sector for about 10 years is particularly important in the development of company skills. Zava, in fact, supports the productive development of the projects of the client with an autonomous project proposal, developed in collaboration with important names in the Italian design scene, aimed at satisfying the needs of both the private and the contractor.

Zavaluce is the company division created to meet these needs.

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