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ZAVA was founded in 1982 from the talent and visionary energy of its owner, Franco Zavarise.

Since then, the company has been processing metal thanks to the highly rooted craftsmanship and connected to continuous technological innovation, aspects which help make the manufacturing capacity of the company unmistakable and allow it to produce any type of metal product using iron, aluminium, stainless steel, corten, brass, copper and many others.

Its 30 year history makes it synonymous with quality, reliability and competence with respect to any type of project and realization: this is why today the company is considered a true excellence of Made in Italy in the processing of metallic structures.

“A production plant located in the industrial complex of Cornuda, in the province of Treviso: it spans a total area of 9,500 square metres including 4,500 square metres for offices and production and 5,000 square metres of yards.”

A staff of 35 people, including technical and operational staff, designers and CAD-CAM designers and staff employed, always ready to accompany you through each design and construction phase, and at your disposal with the utmost cordiality.

The aim? Full satisfaction for the client, meeting all production requests within the agreed schedule.
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